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The name that was originally intended for Starbucks. Named after the ship from Moby Dick. Everybody, but Ishmael dies in the end, when Moby Dick, the big white whale destroys the ship. Why somebody would name their coffee house after a character from such a depressing book that mainly deals with themes including obsession, religion, idealism versus pragmatism, revenge, racism, hierarchical relationships, and politics remains a mystery.
Howard wanted to sell paper cups with pee-quod, but Terry Heckler thought it was a shite name that made him think of piss, thus the name Pequod was rejected. Howard took a piss in a paper cup and thought "What would Starbucks do?" and came up with the name for his coffee house.
by YouDon'tKnowWhoIAm? August 08, 2008
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Ship belonging to Captain Ahab in 'Moby Dick' by Herman Melville.
Ahab: Ok men, get on board the ship.
Old sea dog: Which ship?
Ahab: The Pequod you stupid wanker!
by Slippery Dick May 08, 2006
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Mythical being, related to the Bigfoot and Yetti that comes into your car, house or office and pees in your coffee, and than sods off again without ever being seen. Believed to originate from Seattle. Coffee spiked by a Pequod is also referred to as Pequod.
The Starbucks coffee ambassador who was doing a blind test recognized this cup of Joe as the best Pequod she had ever drank because it left a foam mustache that could only be removed with turpentine.
by Howard Schultz August 15, 2008
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