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Middle class town in Morris county, New Jersey consisting of everything else in any other average American suburb. Diners and Dunkin Donuts are the most popular places followers by a few pizza places and a supermarket. This place is populated by a bunch of snobs, Albanians, and surprisingly enough, a disproportionate amount of delinquents including some dude named Larry who tried to blow up the high school. Not a bad place to live unless you're broke.
Pequannock is overpriced.
by NJbooker April 19, 2018
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A township of two distinct towns Pequannock and Pompton Plains, Pequannock being the slightly more ghetto of the two. A bunch of upper-middle class white kids with nothing to do except drink and go to the diner. A place where everyone knows everything about everyone else.
"There's nothing to do I can't wait to get the hell out of Pequannock"
by nfgna April 08, 2005
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A low class, town full of dumbass Hicks that drink and party all day, while managing to get caught everytime. Sucks at every sport and is a poor excuse for a town. Don't ever move here.
If you want to meet some white trash, pequannocks right here.
by obiwanyourbrobi March 24, 2011
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Small upper-middle class suburban town located in Morris County New Jersey, the third richest county in the US. Home to the best Bagels in America(KC) and the best pizza in America (V and J's)...Also the birthplace of Derek Jeter. Made up of two towns Pompton Plains/Pequannock...Pequannock being the slightly more ghetto of the 2 as said in the other entry. The only common interests amongst the kids in the town are drinking and partying. Unfortunately due to the lack of maturity throughout the dicks who show up to the parties, fights always break out which then result in the cops showing up and before you know it the parties over. But thats ok because some kick ass parties are still thrown any way.(THE BEST NEW YEARS PARTY...MATT ...Congrats on that awesome party) Pequannock is also the US' capital of drama! (Could deff. do with out that but it keeps the town alive)Pequannock/Pompton Plains is place where diners, quick check, and where ever the parties at is always the cool place to be. (all of the scum bags chill at CVS where they act like the run shit when in reality no one could give two shits about them) The whole town is about 3 miles long. If you manage to get lost in Pequannock, you are a moron. The town consists of 3 public elementary schools, 1 middle school, and one high school with about 850 kids in it. If you live in Pequannock or Pompton Plains. you learn to HATE Depaul, Montville, and Caldwell. If you live in Pequannock and attend Depaul, you are an ass. The worst part about Pequannock is the Albanians. There the most hated of all right above the cops. We don't know when or how, but in the year 2007....The albies infiltrated our town and ever since we have had a new group to hate. The town in total is about 96 % white, 3 % albanian, and 1 % other... The one thing about the town though is that Tradition has and always will remain. The town is full of the pride in being panthers, will always be willing to defend the panther name, and we will always be better than you..(especially our Little League All Star Teams) Bottom Line is Pequannock is the shit.
Pequannock Rules
by 09 is where its at July 26, 2008
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A small town that nobody hears about. Decent high school for education, but just terrible. Pequannock is full of a bunch of assholes. We all make fun of each other party and drink everyday. Pequannock is shit and a piece of trash. DO NOT MOVE TO PEQUANNOCK! WE GOT ENOUGH DRAMA IN OUR TOWN. So yeah, pequannock is ass. 55% women 44% men 1% unknown species. 64% white 15% asian 15% black 15% spanish 1% unknown species.
"Hey have you heard about Pequannock"- John.
"Pequannock...what the hell is that," -Sean.
"A town full of morons," -John.
by pequannocktrash February 25, 2015
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Hey. fuck you. anyway, as a girl here in town, i know we party rock HARD and have fun all day. but as much as we party we study.. And ya, we pee on slides and set playgrounds afire, but i did say we were ghetto. deal with it. and, if your not form pequannock and reading this, you KNOW we are better than you. and we hate jersey shore. we hope snooki falls in a hole, catches on fire while pregnant ( you know she is with those fat flabs) and dies a slow painful death. and poufs are FUGLY! but we are fun. and sexy. yea, we are better than you, so fuck you. and if you visit friendly's at 3 on a friday, you shall be visited by the cooler, smarter, sexier, more popular half of the 7th grade. if you go to the back the middle school, you will be confronted by " in love " 8th graders making out. to find the 6th graders, you must stalk them to their houses and find them studying in their room, hopeless and lonley. to find highschoolers, go to the highschool. thye stay for like an hour, becuase they either love school, or are they are such hot shit by chilling with their teachers. our homes are big. we got home gyms and shit. we aint poor, we aint dead either. so love us. we have fun. Panter rule, and everyone goes to games. even if people get beat under the bleachers. or you may find a mix of children making out under the bleachers. interupting them is more fun than people getting beaten. so that sums up pequannock. if you have questions, fuck you. what else could you wanna know?
Wow, dem girls from Pequannock are some hot shit.
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a small but fun town with many friendly people in it. It is easy to get around and not get lost. Unlike Wayne, which is a huge town where all the people care deeply about money and cheat in every sport they play. Anyway, pequannock is not exactly exciting but a lot happens that makes it interesting.
Pequannock is the best town in the whole world.
by mark debelur January 01, 2008
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