this program where middle school to high school aged kids can go to a foreign country for like a month in the summer. they learn things. But, let's be honest, while yes they might learn about a country's history.. 40 high school boys and girls in a foreign country with out their parents and like 4-5 chaperones... use your brain. things can get cliquey so you better be on top. Maybe it was just my delegation but no way am I telling my parents half the stuff that happened at night.
guy 1: you got a hand job from Ashley?

guy 2: ya! When we were on our People to People trip. she let me finger her!
guy 1: really I made out with Jennifer one night but that was it.
guy 1: what?! Haley liked you and Jennifer and Haley were like best friends!
guy 3: are you guys talking about the trip? I seriously still cant remember the one night from how wasted I was.
guy 2: ya that was the best summer ever
by itsreallyenterating February 10, 2013
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That’s just people being people...Works in almost any context. Any excuse for anything that doesn’t really need any distinction caused by a homo sapien.
by J. Sumner September 4, 2019
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The idea that, if someone who has been particularly negatively affected by an experience that he/she went through in their past life, then that person will continue to hold such grudges and anger, and affect other people around them, continuing a never-ending cycle of hate and anger on other people.
by Sir Poop A Lot July 31, 2013
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It means there are a lot of people in some place, very crowded. usually describe a big event, a scene.

the word comes from Chinese idiom. it is a Chinese English word. just like "long time no see"
The parade is great, there is people mountain people sea.
by usa601 December 6, 2006
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This word is from a Chinese idiom.It means there are a lot of people in a place, which is very crowded. It is usually used to describe a big event or a scene.
The parade is great, there is people mountain people sea.
by Carol likes carrots March 27, 2009
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Bumper-sticker slogan of NRA supporters, which makes the obvious point that guns normally don't go off without some kind of human intervention, and that the real solution to violence is not in making any certain potentially lethal device unavailable, but in changing basic human nature from violent to peaceful.
"Listen, Buck, when the gun-control crazies protest the concealed carry legislation, all you got to say is 'guns don't kill people, people kill people'. I mean, it's just that simple. After all, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, right?"
by croonercruiser March 26, 2006
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