A sexual activity in which one man's penis enters through another mans ass and the other man's penis is spun around in a clockwise motion, similar to the hand crank on a pencil sharpener.
Chris was delighted to perform the pencil sharpener with Rajon.
by ArethasUrethra February 24, 2013
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Vulgar word for 'you know what'.

See Vajayjay
Boy: Can I stick my pencil in your pencil sharpener?
Girl: Are you sure it's going to fit?
Boy: You never know unless you try. *he winks* Don't worry, I'll clean up the shavings afterward
by Geranimo September 18, 2007
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A term often used to describe this or a similar kind of sexual interation:

It is when a male uses his pencil (penis) to stick it into a girl's pencil sharpener (vagina) and the guy moves his pencil in a circular motion to create the pencil sharpening effect.
Friend: Dude I could totally do the pencil sharpener on that girl Beverly!

Hillel: Her? I tried to do that several days ago, however my pencil was too small to fit.

Friend: I think I'll be fine, if anything my pencil will be too thick for her sharpener!!1
by Jeremy Lanko January 10, 2006
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1. A woman's vagina. sex usually involves a man inserting his "pencil" into the woman's pencil sharpener.
2. A sometimes electronically-powered device used to sharpen pencils if they break or become too blunt.
1. Dude: "woah, check out that hot ass babe!"
Other Dude: "I gotta sharpen my pencil in that baby!"

2. Kid: "Teacher, can I use the pencil sharpener?"
Teacher: "Why are you asking people permission to use a pencil sharpener? Just do it already, it's perfectly legal!"
by B34ST November 30, 2005
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When a girl sits on a guy's penis (so that his penis is up her butthole), she starts spinning in circles while she is still on him. During this, the guy starts moaning sounds similiar to those made by an electric pencil sharpener.
Friend : Hillel, did you and Beverly do the pencil sharpener?

Hillel : Why, yes! We did do some pencil sharpening of our own. I also got the moaning sounds down perfect, Zzzrrrrrr Zrrrrrrmmm

Friend : Thats great, maybe Beverly will pencil sharpen me too!
by Brian Zolo December 7, 2005
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