A certain kind of man-child known to haunt West Virginia hollers and internet chatrooms.
Goddamnit, I went to the store, and The Peepee Man bought all the damn Delsym!
by stompykins November 2, 2018
When a group of kids find out you have five “peepees” on your belt.
by Mxrble October 18, 2018
"Hey, you see that big peepee man over there? He's got a big peepee, man"
by big peepee man September 10, 2018
The Peepee Poopoo Man is an evil entity, who if you say his name while taking a dump he will come out of the toilet and take your peepee away.
Steve: "*pooping* I wonder what the peepee poopoo man is..."
by peachhay April 27, 2018
Toronto's first official supervillain. He is a menacing prowler who dumps buckets of human feces and urine on unsuspecting innocents.
by BIGBUDDY2400 November 26, 2019
The Peepee Poopoo Man is a ragamuffin of despicable qualities. He slinks into your bedroom whilst you sleep, then he slips his long, beguiling fingernails into your anus. He then reaches up through your digestive track, into your mouth, grabs your tongue, then pulls back down, turning you inside out and making you lick your butthole in the process
That peepee poopoo man got to me last night... now I know what my bum tastes like.
by Urmomatool November 25, 2021
Say his name and u wont laugh when he will come to kill you
by _IRMEO_ January 1, 2017