What the fuck wrong with these peeons
They don't know WhyG a demon (i am!)
by yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah April 25, 2019
A person who is of such low status in society that it is socially acceptable for another person of higher status to pee on them.
That drug dealer, Eddy, is a real peeon.
by tbegota May 3, 2010
Someone who makes less than everybody at a job and has to run all the errands.
"Look at Shelly the secretary she is such a peeon"
by Nicole Little January 18, 2007
a person or thing one would like to pee on.
hey thalia, look at that girl named carolyn isn't she a peeon.
by john diangelo January 28, 2010
A nocturnal erection caused by the urge to piss.
My peeon woke me up at 4 AM this morning.
by CoolKelly September 27, 2017