An occasional occurrence for a male. This phenomenon occurs when a man tries to urinate with a fully erect penis. Confused at whether the male is either peeing or ejaculating, the penis thrusts out multiple, short, hard bursts of urine which gives the male a sensation that confuses him very much.
After awaking with a morning wood, Jeff suffered from severe peejaculation.
by Drewski Of the Hill Castle January 19, 2010
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When you accidentally squirt a small amount of urine. Created by combining "pee" and "ejaculate."

"Man, I had to pee so bad and I couldn't get to a toilet, I accidentally peejaculated."
by Big N 44 March 8, 2008
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the art of peeing with a full on erection.
dude ive gotten so good at peejaculation. i got it to the point where i can get steady stream and dont get it all over the seat.
by banginonfools October 18, 2009
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The art of peeing and ejaculating at the same time
"How was your night with Rachel last night?"
"Great but in the middle of sex I started Peejaculating all over her!"
by shabbymemes45 January 13, 2018
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