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This is a term used to describe "Wickers" a mythical persona from Darwen.

Also , this term is used to describe a person (or Persons)who act like total utter bothersome little trolls!
1. "My god Jane is such a peckershit! she never shuts up!"

2. "Wickers is a gerbil face peckershit!"

3. "Who's that peckershit takin a dump in the corner?!"

4. (someone falls of a chair)"haha, What a peckershit!"
by Tiny/James September 19, 2008
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This is for when you take a piss and it smells awful, or resembles a smell of you shitting from your pecker
"Man that was a good piss"
"Dude what the hell, you have pecker shits turn the fan on!"
"My bad bro"
by birdmanswag November 17, 2014
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