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A penis that is the same size whether it is erect or not. The only aspect that changes upon excitement is the firmness of the genitalia.
"Last night my boy Shaho slapped my face with his erect pebi before we took a dip in the pool"
by schlongswinger99 March 14, 2015
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pebis is a small penis, so small it is the size of a pubic hair.
pebis is derived from the 2 words penis and pubic(pubic hair) and when put together to define a extremely small penis it becomes Pebis
who ever posted that "pebis is the internet way of typing penis...." has a pebis.
by wizdumb_kid December 25, 2003
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The cheap way to say penis online without actually saying penis.
Did I just say penis? Oh my god that guys said penis!!
by stimpy October 16, 2003
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