A city in Texas near Houston.

It use to have a bunch of pear trees, which were totally eradicated by the unfortunate mishap of the great Galveston Hurricane of whatever that date was.

But don't take my word for it.

Often called Land of the Pears.

Contrary to popular beliefe, Pearland is not gangkster.
PEARLAND has great shopping.

I live in PEARLAND.

There was only one entry for the definition of PEARLAND in urbandictionary.com, so I added one.
by Genine June 12, 2008
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A small suburban town. Home to the Pearland Oilers and Dawson Eagles. The Pearland Oilers are 2010 Division 1 5A State Champions and Beat the Trinity Trojans 24-28 . The Oilers are 16-0 , perfect season.

The motto of the Oilers is Plus 1
Person that is an Oiler:Hey , did you know Pearland won State.

Person that is a Trojan: i hate my life!
by champ10' January 01, 2011
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city south of houston and home of the original pearland oilers which is better than dawson eagles and any other surrounding football teams / highschools
man were you at the football game friday night ?

yea pearland smoked pasadena 59-0

man pearlands so badass
by Jhoandcdawg October 03, 2008
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A city South/South-East of Houston, Texas. Largely known for the champion football team, the Oilers.
Students who graduated in 2010 are just about the only people who know where to buy above-average marijuana.
Site of an attempted bank-heist turned hostage situation that was ultimately diffused with no deaths.
Term "drillo" was coined here.
The city is massively boring so brings lots of money or at least an eighth to get through the day.
Person 1: Yo, there's a party in Pearland!
Person 2: Are you sure that's safe?
Person 3: You want to start actin' like a little bitch before you get there?
Person 1: Nigga is trippin', lets wait to buy weed before we get there.
Person 2: I don't know about this guys, what if we get in trouble?
Person 3: Person No. 1, where the fuck did you find this kid?
Person 1: Not Pearland.
by Trill OG October 14, 2011
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A really boring town south of Houston. Doesn't actually have pears.

Home of the Dawson Eagles and the Pearland oilers. The Oilers were here first but Dawson just got a shiney new 3 story building so HA!

One popular attraction is the new mall, which kind of sucks cause it's outdoors and the Houston weather is...unpleasant.

Often called The Land of Pears by young residents.

You can tell this city is too spread out cause I have to drive 20 minutes to the other side of town to get my boyfriend. :c
"pearland rocks!!! Go eagles!!!"

"my boyfriend lives too far away :c "
"shut up you've said that 1,000 times"
by WingedZebra August 17, 2009
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the baddest most gangster town out there
that boy chris is from pearland, dont fuck with him
by who is chris September 01, 2004
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