NJ said he means it as 'very pretty and soft skin'. So, don't get it wrong next time. smh
RM: Seokjina, peaches and cream, you're sweeter than sweet.
SJ: Stop with your lame pick up line, Joonie.
by musclepig October 21, 2016
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When you eat a girl out and she cums. At that moment you are eating peaches and cream
I was eating my girl out and she gave me the peaches and cream
by ragbag85 March 30, 2005
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Blaring the song peaches while giving your pregnant wife a facial
Damn my wife can’t get enough of that peaches and cream
by Forest H April 7, 2019
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As 112 puts it: "And when it comes to eating peaches, shorty we don't play / So all the ladies in the house if your peach is it / Put your hands in the air and represent your clit."

In short: cunnilingus.
I need it cause you know that I'm a fiend
Gettin' freaky in my Bentley limousine
It's even better with ice cream
Know what I mean, peaches and cream
by Steves and Eric April 6, 2004
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(n.) An up and coming krumper who has a smooth style and specializes in pretty trickz
Yo did you see Peaches and Cream take down that otha punk ass in the battle in tha yard? That shizz was off the chain!
by Golden Freshness June 30, 2009
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A combination of peach colored 20mg adderall pills and pure, off-white, valium powder
After blowing 160mg of adderall and ingesting 50mg of valium, I became rather incapacitated.
by anonymous April 2, 2004
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