An amazing friend who is a pleasure to be around. A very athletic person who mostly plays lacrosse. He is very intelligent and loves to read. A very shy and quiet person who is never really the leader. He's also very kind, loyal, and funny once you get to know him. He can have his stupid moments, but it is always worth it in the end. Payson is one of the greatest people I have ever met :
Payson is badass, it is just common sence.
by n0daybut0day May 31, 2011
An amazing friend, athlete, and actor. A girl named Payson is a natural born athlete, normal plays basketball. All the guys want her and all the girls wanna be her. Payson is by far the coolest name ever
Wow that girl is really good at basketball, her name must be Payson
by Bballgurl_61 July 20, 2016
small redneck infested town, overly populated by Illegal Aliens.
Redneck: Think im'a play muh Gee-tar, maybe one of them nice feller's right there will join me with some maraca's.Yee dawgy!

Alien: Si.Chi-wah wah. LALALALAL.

Redneck:Payson's purdy darn neat, got me some maraca playin fellers, and they'll even mow muh lawn. Yee haw!
by GrimKitty August 23, 2008
teammate 1- hey did you see Payson out on the field today?

teammate 2- omg i know she is sooo good! i wish i was as skilled at the art of laxing as she is!

teammate 3- ditto! but thats like physically impossible. shes that amazing.

all three teammates- *sigh*
by laneyyyyylooooo April 4, 2011
shit hole filled with racist homophobic assholes
payson high school is a shit hole and everyone has stds
by vvv07 September 16, 2021