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BTS world is a game that will lead you to believe that you will be an amazing manager and the 7 memes will be the nicest little beans ever. HOWEVER it is nothing like this. It’s a game where you (sadly) have to live the y/n life and Namjoon + Yoongi give you so much shit for telling them that their group name is “The Bangtan Boys
“Have you played BTS World yet?”
“How is it?”
“Horrible, Yoongi better stop acting like an ass. He may be my bias but I’m ready to throw hands
by smbfd July 07, 2019
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an absolute fucking stud. the man you will still cry 5 or more years after his death. one of the most genuine actors out there. the man who is probably still your celebrity crush.
you just gotta love Paul Walker
by smbfd February 27, 2019
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