Patrick is the name of a strong man, in every sense of the word. His shoulders are broad both literally and metaphorically. He can shoulder the biggest of burdens while simultaneously lifting you over his head one-handed, and he makes it look easy.

Patrick's are the smoothest of talkers with eyes that can see into anyone's heart. Often times this can lead them down hard roads when their need to help others surpasses their need to care for themselves.

Patrick's are "old souls" who enjoy music and dancing and will do anything to make you laugh or even just smile for a moment. They are determined and hard-working, and ALWAYS get what they want.
An experience with a Patrick will be a memory to last a lifetime, so make sure it's a good one. If you are lucky enough to date a Patrick, marry him, they are once in a lifetime guys.
Girl one: Who is that stud?

Girl two: Oh, that's my Patrick.

#patrick #thatstud #thoseeyes #thatsmile
by PrincessTay September 14, 2017
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Patrick is this weird ass kid that has been in a lot of crazy bullshit and knows to much for his age. He's Also pretty chill and a good musician.
Wth are you doing Patrick?
by FriskyWhisky August 10, 2017
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He is mean to his siblings but is known to be a good friend, crushes anything that is competitive, and is a girl magnet.
"Patrick is the best boyfriend ever"......

" are you sure cause last time I checked he is the WORST brother ever ."
by DJ pumpkin January 22, 2017
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best guy ever. He's an ass at sometimes, but he's a keeper. He's sexy as fuck with the best body i have ever seen. really good soccer player, and likes to party. he's super smart, and I love him to death. He's the fucking best. In every way, if you know what I'm saying.
Girl 1: who the fuck is that?
Girl 2: That's patrick, he's pretty great.
Girl 1: yeah? You fuck that yet?
Girl 2: hell yeah, an I'm damn sure glad i did ;)
by loveeeyouuuu June 25, 2011
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Big sexy, good at football but hates people that play soccer. Doesnt like homo's and gets girls left and right. Has alota friends and is good at any video game he trys.
Aw man that guy is so sexy he must be a patrick
by john schlongggggggggg May 06, 2008
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