Being inflated means to have gained weight or to be fat.
I have inflated 4kg this month
by NoFaceDictionary November 08, 2019
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If monkeys have one banana, banana valuable. If monkeys grow more banana, banana not rare, banana not valuable
I do not understand why printing more money would cause an inflation. I don't get it
by December 17, 2020
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Someone who has had so much plastic surgery that they look like they’re about to pop.
“Girl have you seen Acacia lately?”
“OMG she’s turned into a full on inflatable! Would defo take an insta pic on her in a pool!”
by Inflateus April 01, 2019
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The stuffing of a semi-erect penis into a dry, or moist orifice with the intent of inflating once inside.
"Ah, my dear, " cried Lady Narborough, putting on her gloves, "dont tell me that you have exhausted life".

It's ok love, I'll just do the inflator.

(O.Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray)
by Rollover Richie June 29, 2013
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n. 1 a sexual practice in which the practicioner inflates his or her stomach by inserting air or fluid into his or her rectum, usually with a pump.
2 a fetish involving inflation of all or part of the body (think Violet in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory), usually the stomach. This fetish tends to be related to furries and is often portrayed in an outwardly non-sexual context.
Inflation is a great alternative for people with a pregnancy fetish.
by Xantu November 26, 2006
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n. An increase in price for goods and services. Also when money loses value, decline in the purchasing power of money.
..."in inflation everything gets more valuable except money"...
by OliverS May 15, 2005
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1) The act of filling something with air or some form of gas to inflate it (i.e. balloons, tires, bounce houses, etc.)

2) A fetish; stimulation (whether sexual or otherwise in nature) caused by expansion of a object, anthropomorphic, or humanoid character either until they are full of air, floating, or popped. It is depicted mainly through art, fan fiction, or role-play.
1) "Andy inflated the balloon. The inflation caused the balloon to expand"
2) "Andy found the inflated balloon very arousing"
by You've lived a life of sin December 25, 2019
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