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Pathfinder is an off shoot of the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition game(sometimes referred to as D&D 3.75), where

Paizo Publishing has taken the reins from Wizards of the Coast since they dropped the ball and stopped publishing the 3.5 game in favor of the new 4th edition game.
“Jack, you can now channel positive energy in a 30 ft radius burst since we are playing Pathfinder.”
by sciteach66 July 15, 2010
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Pathfinder is a symphonic power metal band from Poland. It is very well known as a band that inspires you with very deep lyrics which talk about Elements, Universe, Multiverse, being beyond the space, beyond the time, fantasy, dragons, demons, unicorns, portals, vortex, immortal fire, magic.
Pathfinder isn't so popular as other power metal bands, but you should really give Pathfinder a shot.

The music is inspired by the very well known Beethoven. The song ''Pathway to the Moon'' starts with keyboard notes from Ludwig.

Pathfinder started in the not-so-early 2010 making their first album Beyond The Space Beyond The Time.
Then, there was nothing heard in 2011 and so, in 2012 they made a new album Fifth Element.
They have a video ''The Lord Of Wolves'' which was made with Alchemia Obrazu studios. It features alot of fantasy unlike other bands. It is actually just like a fantasy movie.
They are working on Fifth Element video too.

The bands similar to Pathfinder are Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Hammerfall and so on...
- Hey, can you tell me some great symphony songs?
- You don't like metal, but you love symphony, right?
- Yes...Why?
- I'm gonna teach you to love power metal. Let's start with Pathfinder's song Pathway to the Moon.
by Metallar November 10, 2012
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