A term often associated with African American females in the search to find da baby daddy and receive dat child support.
"Yo Shoniqua, you need to go on the Maury show to get a paternity test and find out who your baby daddy is!!"
by DNA test September 15, 2013
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n. (pa-tur-nal ur-E-nal fo-be-a) Fear of urinating next to your father at a public urinal.
Timmy, who suffered from paternal urinalphobia, found the task of tinkling next to his dad at the urinal too terrifying, so instead he sought the privacy of a stall.
by Shy Son November 25, 2011
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A form of Perjury and Fraud that is sanctioned by the State of California. Men who do not find out that "their" children are not in fact theirs within the state's statute of limitations are forced to continue to pay child support. This can take place regardless of evidence provided by the men.
A guy signs a birth certificate because his girlfriend says he's the dad. 5 Years later he finds the children have been seeing their biological father the whole time while he has been paying child support. The state forces him to continue to pay child support regardless of the results of DNA tests.

He is a Paternity Fraud Victim.
by Dryhumor September 09, 2009
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A form of racism exhibited by those who think that because a minority has suffered in the past, they are immediately less capable of logic, rationality, character, and success. Someone who is paternally racist thinks that due to these perceived shortcomings, minority members need constant hand-holding and affirmation in order to make it. Paternal racists will often believe they know what's best for minorities and feel very comfortable speaking for entire minority groups. This stems from their inability to acknowledge that minority individuals are just as capable and competent as them. Paternal racism is frequently witnessed in individuals who are over-eager to prove to others how non-racist they are. Paternal racism is superficially well-intentioned, but in reality thrives on categorizing minorities as lesser beings. It perpetuates the damaging stereotype that minorities are less capable and need help for everything.
To black person: "I think it's ridiculous our professor expects you to get A's on the test. Doesn't he know how hard you guys have it?"

Black person: "Smh, paternal racism."
by Geegeege May 26, 2017
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Test taken to prove that a man is either the father or not the father of a child. ( see Maury show)
Stephanie tried to refuse to take the paternity test proving he wasn't the father because she didn't want the other guy to find out he wasn't the father either.
by LaDeena June 02, 2006
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the official term for a situation where a man is unknowingly raising another man's child
Patrick Connaro, a 42-year-old robotics engineer living in Colorado Springs, was sitting in the bleachers one warm Saturday afternoon in 2003, watching his son’s Little League game, when the ground opened beneath him.

“My little boy was there, he was up at bat, and I started yelling for him, ‘Go Matthew! Knock it out of the park!’ And another man started screaming for Matthew. Louder than me. I looked over, and I looked at him, and I was like, Who is this guy? And I looked at my son, and I looked at him … and they were identical.”

After the ball game, Connaro ordered a paternity test. The results came back 2 weeks later. “I opened up the letter from Labcorp, and it said, ‘ … 99.9 percent chance you are not the biological father of this child.’ I started crying. My head started spinning.”

Connaro admits that the possibility had crossed his mind before, given his son’s dissimilar facial features, but each time he questioned his wife about it, she vehemently denied the suggestion. Even when he showed her the test results, she still denied it. “She said, ‘You forged this,’ ” Connaro recalls, shaking his head in amazement.

Some call this paternity fraud. But a more accurate term is "paternal discrepancy." Paternity fraud emphasizes the financial aspect of the phenomenon, but paternal discrepancy (PD) describes the anomaly itself--the disconnect between what men think is true and the genetic reality. And research shows that it's a lot more common than we might believe.
by spreading knowledge January 05, 2013
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Apparently normal casual or dress pants for men with a stretch waistband to accommodate large bellies. Suitable for fathers who gain sympathy weight during wives' pregnancies.
Man, that was a massive Thanksgiving dinner. I'm glad I wore my paternity pants.
by digs0 January 15, 2013
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