"Pat on a back"- Backhanded compliment from Patrick. Disingenuous comment made towards people Patrick finds threatening. Unlike compliment "Pat on the back" is not meant to please receiver. "Pat on the back"should always be taken as an insult.
"I Didn't Expect You To Do So Well — Congratulations!, That is such a Pat On The Back Patrick!
by Zong_Zuzia August 19, 2019
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A sign of rape
Jimmy gave Tom a Pat on the back. Later on I found Jimmy forcing his dick inside Tom as he was furiously screaming and resisting
by Bejensnwmem October 21, 2018
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Creepy Pat On The Back- A pat on the back that lingers there longer than necessary, and then as it brushes off, it brushes across the whole shoulder blade.
Creepy Pat On The Back- Then the female gym teacher gave the girl a "Creepy Pat On The Back" as she congratulated her. The girl was scared.
by TheMaskedGiverOfCreepyPats February 28, 2009
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When a dually truck hits a cyclist from behind hard enough to lose it's mirror, and then drives away.
"I gave a biker the ol' Texas Pat on the Back for being on my road, but now my truck needs a new mirror."
by Bikeramp March 3, 2019
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