By law the Passing Lane or Left Lane is...wait for it....for PASSING ONLY! There are signs that state this, there are questions on the drivers test everyone took about it, but some people do not care. They see it as a way to "pass their time" instead of passing cars. They merge onto the highway at a reduced speed to completely f*ck up the flow of traffic and then make a non interrupted cut from the on ramp straight to the Passing lane. At this time, they set their cruise to 5 miles under the speed limit and pass their time preparing a hot plate meal of spaghetti o's that they can enjoy during their 3 hour occupation of the lane. They are oblivious due to their joy of eating their spaghetti o's to the 1000's of cars backed up behind them. They ignore the "LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING ONLY" signs as they drive along in their brain dead bliss listening to their self help 8 track tapes.
Hey Steve, I am bored. Let's grab a can of spaghettios and hit the highway. We can listen to Tony Robbins 8 tracks in the passing lane while leading a group of pissed off people down the highway at a parade like speed.
by Sawman70 January 23, 2019
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The very left lane on a street or highway. By law you must be passing in the left lane.
Hunny, move over to the passing lane so we can move faster.
by logicaliforn April 12, 2011
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The passing lane occurs while you are taking a shit with the poop hanging from your anus and then let out a fart with enough force that causes a vacuum effect causing the shit to retreat back into the anus.
Bob: why is John taking so long in the bathroom?
Joe: I heard him swear after some explosive flatulence. He must have used the passing lane.
by mortivorous November 1, 2014
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A very simple law Floridiots can't seem to grasp.
Why do all these dumb Floridians travel 10 miles under the speed limit in the passing lane all the damn time!?
by logicaliforn April 12, 2011
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doing the speed limit or LESS! in the (left or) passing lane!
an individual unable to perceive the line of cars behind him/her, hugging their bumper; trying to tell them something.

GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY! YOU DUMB ASS!! -camp on a toilet!!! -makes one long for a james bond car!!! to 'fix' the problem!, ignorance; total non-understanding of ones' status relating to driving techniques.! STUPIDITY!!
that stupid ass has the passing lane blindness, what a dumb mother-fuck!! -might as well get out and walk!!

he has the passing lane blindness, and doesn't notice the tractor-trailer up his ass!!
by michael foolsley December 10, 2009
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