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Iranian(Persian) slang for showing amazed or scared AF of something .
Also used like "my Pashmam fell off".
Pashmam refers to useless hairs of body.
Pashmam Haji look at that palang(hot chick) .
by Qrash June 03, 2018
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Persian slang, Used when so surprised, or terrified; something like "omfg" or "holy shit" in English

Literally means "oh my wool"! (Pashm (wool) is a metaphor for body hair.)

Originally used as "pashmam rikht!" means "my body hair fell off (because i was too shook)!"
When i first saw him i was like "pashmam!". He was looking so gorgeous!

Bro pashmam! Did u hear the news?
by ShinnTheHuman August 14, 2018
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Now you found yourself here looking up the definition of Pashmam Welcome to the dark side of Farsi.

Pashmam or پشمام is a persian informal expression of surprise or shock, much like Holy Shit in Spoken English, means to make someone's hair stand on end.
more specifically getting goose bumps on all over your body in terrifying experiences.

Pashm defines body hair therefore you can say pashmam rikht_fer khord(fell off) as a sentance form, when hair on your body will stand straight up as you get frightened, sexual or suprised AF.
Fa:: Pashmam kho dar bzan mikhai too biai(lap tabash ra mibandad)

En:: Pashmam, knock before entering (closing the laptop lid immediately)

Fa:: A:'Pekhkh'
En:: A:'Booo!'
Fa:: B:'Pashmam'
En:: B:'Pashmam wtf'
by Urban persian August 15, 2018
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