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Games that are played during a party or any kind of gathering that usually involves daring others into doing something embarrassing or sexual. Game variants include:

Truth or Dare: You all know this one.

Chance Draw: Jot down dozens of dares on a sheet of paper and cut them up separately and throw them into a hat or bowl. Each person takes turns picking out a random dare and they must adhere to that dare.
*If your friends are lame, they will not perform any sexual or risque dares.
** If your friends are extra lame, they will not perform any sexual dares, even though they're the ones that created the dares to be thrown in the hat.
***If your friends are normal, they will not perform a gay dare, such as kissing your best male friend. However, since males are hypocritical when it comes to sexuality, we'd love to see some girl-on-girl action.

Strip Poker: Good ol' Poker, except the person(s) with the lesser hand must remove a piece of clothing.
*Almost always when a female comes to a point where she must remove clothing, she's going to remove something that won't even matter, such as an earring or a sock. Make sure to apply rules regarding small, insignificant items.

All in all, when it comes to playing these, or any other party games that include daring and risque acts, make sure to play with open minded and out-going females. Bring booze to liven things up more.
Dude, call some of those bitches up and see if they can come to the party and play some party games.
by Wasabimoto May 05, 2010
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