It's not just a saying, it's a lifestyle. It includes excessive drinking, tons of hot girls that may just get naked and not giving a fuck.
Dude, I don't go to a party unless its a party with sluts.

This party is going to be lame.

Are you kidding? It's a party with sluts. Those are never lame.

I party with sluts and I'm proud of it.
by Party With Sluts May 10, 2012
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A semi-attractive girl with low self-esteem who will sleep with just about anyone at a party to make herself feel good about herself. One usually seems like a normal girl, typically wears a lot of makeup, and would wear skirts in the dead of winter.
DP: Check out that girl wearing the short skirt. It's like 10 degrees out.

DD: Yeah, she's a total party slut.

DP: Yeah, yeah she is.
by D to the 3 December 20, 2009
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Females notorious for going to parties and macking it with three or more guys, when they're not macking it they are usually seen either dancing on the table or playing strip poker, these females travel in groups of two or more
"Oh my God! you guys are such party sluts!"
"Geez, I wish I didn't have a boyfriend so I could be a party slut too!"
by Colleen September 8, 2004
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Curious variety of female that tend to travel in packs of three. They have a group hierarchy and tend to be more agressive then guys in the pursuit of sexual activity. There is also a dominant female that tends to be more agressive then the other two in the pack.
Similar to a group of slampigs.
"The party sluts are here, everyone is getting laid."
"Erin is a big party slut"
by Jrod November 7, 2002
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n. A slut who loves to party and have premarital sex with tons of teenage boys. See Thunder Thighs
"Man, that ho is a pretty big party slut..."
by 29 February 27, 2004
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Noun: A Promiscuous male who seeks to have a relationship with multiple females, one of whom lived at the coops.

Verb: the action of being a slut, and punching holes in walls
"that party slut strikes fear into drywall everywhere"
by Joey Vickers November 7, 2002
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Any female who involves herself in most, if not all opportunities to partake in any form of a sexual act, or even most, or all opportunities for potential sexual acts, sometimes by offering their phone number to somebody they've just met. Usually found at bars, or pubs, though they are also often found at many gatherings involving alcohol. However, they are not restricted to only these places. They could be anywhere. They will often try to lure partners (victims) in by wearing provocative clothing.
"That broad at O'neill's last night was such a Garbage Party Slut, but most women are."
by AceRiot36 June 17, 2012
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