Girl: "You touch my coochie?"

Party Marty: "Yes."
by partycooch October 7, 2010
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A queen's university legend
Professional sender
Can also become Smarty Marty when required
Matt: "No way you can finish that growers"
Party Marty: "Watch me"
*Party Marty chugs 2L of growers in 20 seconds*
Matt: "Let's go Party Marty"
by EggieOnAHeggie February 8, 2020
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Hey, would you like to come over and help me move?

I can't because I have 3 parties to go to today.

You're such a "Party Marty"!
by Party Hardy Marty November 30, 2009
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a person that is always at a concert or party. This person is also hilarious and they tell the best stories .
party goer 1 , who's that guy over there

party goer 2, that's party marty
party goer 1 , i wish i could be him
by jollyrancher79 August 1, 2017
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a phrase used to describe a room or a hallway that contains Marty.
person A *in a place with one or more douchebags in the room carrying hurleys with no sliotar*: "ITS A MARTY PARTY!!!"
by WeaWooWeaWoo June 13, 2019
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A Marty Party is an individual who likes to "get down with his/her bad self" and get crunk. Someone who "get's the party started" and listens to Snoop Dogg. Synomyns include but not limited to: The Party Train Conductor and Vanilla Funk.
Party goer #1:" Is that a rumble that I hear outside?"
Party goer #2: "I don't know, is that the Police?"
Party goer #1: "Yay, it's marty party, coming to the rescue!"

"I wish Marty Party was here, this party's IPOD shuffle is lame."
by Rumble in da Jungle March 2, 2009
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Sitting in a running car listening to music, drinking, and smoking.
It's cold outside, grab the car keys we'll have a Marty party in the driveway.
by Miss Moh February 19, 2016
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