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Parnelle is a family name or as a boy's name is pronounced par-NEL. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Parnell is "country bumpkin". From Petronius. Also possibly derived from an ancient Roman family name, from the Greek name Petros, meaning "stone". Use may be in honor of Charles Parnell, the 19th-century Irish politician who campaigned for home rule in Ireland. Parnel is a surname derived from a medieval given name.

Having a friend who is a Parnelle is exciting and wonderful. A Parnelle is kind hearted and loving. They will always be there for you. Parnelle is easy to talk to which means you will talk their ear off! Once you meet a Parnelle, you will never want them to leave your side. They will become your best friend within a matter of weeks.
"My best friend is a Parnelle!" "You are so lucky."
"you are talking my ear off!" "Oh I'm sorry, are you a Parnelle? Stop being so easy to talk to"
by kansashereicome September 30, 2011
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