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An urban eating strip in suburban Melbourne, Australia on any given Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night.

Chalkboards toting "Parma Nite" will line the streets indicating venues where the local ritual of worshiping and celebrating poorly cooked Parmigiana is perpetuated by alcoholics and students.
I'm starved but it's like parmageddon down here... Let's go to chinatown instead.
by jojolalalalalalalalala January 18, 2012
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The prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times. Generally used to describe any end-of-world scenario, typically involving those who perform their duties, and those who do not, and as such do not tolerate the dead weight and wish to smite them.
'If you don't stop making excuses for your poor performance and complaining, we shall bring Parmageddon...'
by JSlag October 02, 2017
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