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The instance when you are head-on approaching someone for a hug, and they surprisingly turn their body at the last second... Thus, resulting in the most awkward sidehug known to man.
Sally: How did the date end?

Lafonda: Awfully, I was going in for the hug and he Parallel Parked it on me. #Totes the most awk hug of life.
by MizzM. December 05, 2011
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Getting parallel parked is the ultimate L.

When you parallel park someone in a debate or argument they are left speachless and wanting to end it all for being so fucking smooth-brained because just like driving, they failed hard at parallel parking their electric hybrid solar neutron star powered smart car.
"Hey did you see that interview with Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman? She got her Top-Romen hair parallel parked"
by Moldy Turnips June 29, 2021
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