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When two people, whom have been talking and/or dating, both stop communicating with one another at the same time. So instead of just one person ghosting the other, they both share a mutual responsibility in the ghosting technique.

This type of scenario may leave both parties unsure of what the other is thinking, as they do not know if they do not like them, or just waiting for the other person to send the first text. However, the feeling may be mutual on both ends, in that both parties no longer like each other.
Mike: What happened between you and Sarah? I thought you guys were talking?

Jim: We were, but after I gave her my signature 5 pump dumb last night, she has yet to text me. I don't know if she is still into me, and I don't want to come off as a SIMP, so I think I'm just going to stick to the double ghosting for right now.
by Dr. Roboto February 20, 2021
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A slang word common in British English.

Describing something such as information, writing, or entertainment as a "pap", meaning that you consider it to be of no worth, value, or serious interest
Did you see how many feds were at my door, wow
Should've seen how many paps were at the courthouse.
by Dr. Roboto September 6, 2021
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During a police pursuit, a suspect points a gun at his own head, effectively taking himself hostage.

Thus the police are in a predicament, as they cannot shoot the suspect who is now a hostage himself, and they risk him pulling the trigger if they pursue him.
Sherriff: Damnit Doofy, why'd you let the suspect run into the woods, we lost him!

Officer Doofy: He pulled a polish hostage, there was nothing I could do.
by Dr. Roboto August 17, 2021
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The rapper, Fetty Wap, says "1738" in the beginning of some of his songs. He is referring to a type of expensive, top shelf alcohol called, "Remy Martin 1738 Cognac".

Fetty Wap thought this was the most expensive alcohol made when he created his song. This is because when he went to his local liquor store growing up, it was the highest priced item there. He later found out it was expensive, but not the most expensive alcohol made.
Jim: Hey man, you want to get some 1738 for tonight's party?
Steve: No way Jim, I ain't got that kind of money! Who do you think I am, Fetty Wap?!
by Dr. Roboto July 8, 2015
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When a male spreads peanut butter on his genitalia and then has his dog lick it off.
Sarah: “Hey what happened to all the peanut butter?”
Tim: “I had Tinkerbell give me a jiffy job last night. I used the whole container.”
by Dr. Roboto October 18, 2017
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Woke fishing is when a man, whom is talking to a woman, starts asking her vague questions regarding progressive causes, in an effort to determine her interest level, and then mirror her responses. Said man has no interest in the same groups or causes, and is just trying to find commonalities with the girl to get into her pants.
Guy 1: Why did you just tell Sara you donated to BLM? You hate that group.
Guy 2: Oh I'm just woke fishing man. I'll be in her pants by Saturday.
Guy 1+2: *High Five*
by Dr. Roboto July 31, 2020
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The ultimate “fuck you” during a text conversation. It’s a back handed way of saying “go fuck yourself” to whoever you’re texting.

The person is not just typing “okay,” but is literally searching through their emojis just to put this on the screen for you to view.
Mike: Hey man, I’m sorry about getting with your ex girlfriend. It was an honest mistake. It was just one BJ. It won’t happen again.

Jason: 👍
by Dr. Roboto December 15, 2020
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