Used in the American South when addressing or referring to one's grandfather. The counterpart to Mamaw.
My Papaw is old, but he's fit as a fiddle.
by cfisher October 31, 2009
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An amazing old cute huggable grandpa who invited his 6 grandchildren to dinner and made 12 burgers for them and only one grandchild showed up☹☹ (as seen on Twitter)
All they had to do was eat dinner with their papaw. That's it😭.
by Finally someone said it March 17, 2016
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Papaw, a grandfather who made burgers for 6 grandchildren while only one showed up, has become a Twitter-based meme. Having "pulled a papaw" is to make big plans but to only find out in the end after all preparation that no one would show up.
person 1: hey, i'm setting up movie night at my house with pizzas. is everyone coming?
others: yeah!!!
*movie night comes around*
others: oh yeah, we won't be able to make it tonight. sorry 'bout it!
person 1: shit, I pulled a papaw
by d0l0res April 2, 2016
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Your grandpas weed.
Here grandson take some of this og papaw
by Grandpa og August 31, 2016
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The worst insult possible in the entirety of the English language, ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, and ur granny tranny dwarf in comparison.
1:ur mom gay

2:well ur dad lesbian

1:no u

2:well ur granny tranny

1:then ur grandpap a trap

2:well ur mother-in-law fucked ur papaw
1: *explodes into dust, immediately in hell*
by milkchocolate10291 March 14, 2018
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An old man who touches children in a bad bad way.
After grandpa took the kids to the basement and touched them, they started calling him Papaw BadTouch
by Mr. High BP February 1, 2022
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