A drug dealer that delivers.
"Hey dude, Papa John is on the phone...he'll be here in 20."
by Roach Infesta January 22, 2007
As in, "to pull a Papa John." When a non-black person quotes someone else saying the n-word, in order to try to use the word himself without getting in trouble. A reference to the founder of Papa John's pizza, John Schnatter, who said on a July 2018 conference call with a marketing agency that "Colonel Sanders called blacks niggers and Sanders never faced public outcry."
My history teacher pulled a Papa John during our Civil War lesson.
by pizzasteve61 August 1, 2018
A person who provides you with free pizza in exchange for sexual favors.
Man I really want some pizza, but I don't want to pay for it. I wish I had a Papa John.
by falconear June 30, 2015
Similar to "Jody"
He's the hypothetical character who is at home "taking care" of your wife/girlfriend while you are away at work or on personal business.
You've been gone from home that long? Well don't worry about her, "Papa John" is keeping your bed warm.
by BigShiggy July 6, 2006
A 3/5 on the Pizza based rating system.
Meh, she's not ugly, but not hot. I think i'm going with a Papa John on this one.
by Con Bon November 8, 2010
A racist that makes bad food.
That Papa John we have for a lunch lady needs to get out with that racist, nasty chicken nug nug makin ass.
by Iamachildofgod July 19, 2018