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A quasi-religious figure, Panman trawls parties, draining second-hand alcohol from cigarette laden bottles and mucky glasses into a saucepan and then imbibing.
1. Look, there's Panman drinking from a pan!

2. "Panman, monkey-boy, you hear it from the people in the town..."
by Dee Cee 66 March 27, 2009
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1. n. a seductive, lusty wench who preys on enthusiastic sound and lighting butt-monkeys;idenitifed by attempted courteousness, super-couple societal status, denial of pansy-ism and slippery back.
n. pretty panman..walkin' down the street..pretty panman i'd liek to meet *crazy groping actions*
avd. she pointed at the grass-box panmanly
by LuKx June 19, 2004
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Derived from the phrase 'to pan' - to criticize or review harshly, to slate, to have a pop at, to pick on, to wind somebody up.

It also describes he in the group that is most likely to produce an obscure object like a pan of water.
Why do you pan Ryan so much? Because he's the Pan Man!

What the fuck did you just get a Pan of water for Ryan?
by Brett Sinclair February 20, 2004
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