When a person leaves ventrilo to nerd rage or freak out.
Did you hear about the kid that turkey sandwiched yesterday?
by Troxaska November 29, 2010
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ex 1:
I just had the worlds greatest turkey sandwich! Ever!

ex 2:
guy 1: I be right back, gonna make a turkey sandwich

guy 2: make sure you turn the fan on, don't destroy the bathroom like last time!
by den 3 February 17, 2009
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Bones: What did you do last night?

Mark: I took Brooke out for a turkey sandwich
by Bizzlejuice September 22, 2008
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When you work at a hospital or retierment home and a patient asks for a sandwich, so you wack off on the sandwich and fire your money shot on it and tell them its mayo.
Some old dude died because some asshole gave him a turkey sandwich.
by DF2022 September 27, 2007
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run bitch or prepare to run
man 1: the cops are coming!
man 2: turkey sandwich!
by gooch is awesome January 10, 2008
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another name for vagina
if you've ever seen/felt up a vagina you'll know it's a lot like a turkey sandwich, though i don't know if it taste like one
Man:"I think I'll squirt some of my mayo into her turkey sandwich."
by Mia Cock August 24, 2010
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