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The performance or act of stacking the Male(s) balls (Testicles), over another persons face, preferably a female. There must be at least 3 balls amongst 2 ball sacks (scrotums), to constitute a Pancakeing in general and 6 balls amongst 3 sacks to constitute a True Pancakeing

Stacked upon each other, The Balls and Sacks have the appearance of a stack o’ pancakes, with the females (or participants) face as the plate.

The "Plate" participant is referred to as the plate partner or "Plate".

The other participants are referred to as "The Stacks", or stack 1, stack 2, stack 3...
Pancakeing: The Placement and/or stacking of your balls, over another persons face, preferably a female. the single stack, double upper and the trio. Consisting of 1 to 3 additional partners besides the Plate or Participant 1. Also. The addition of Syrup or maple to the act is commonly referred to as "The Aunt Jemima".

The Single Stack. consisting of One Plate partner and one male with a pair of Balls. Technically Not Pancaking But acceptable for the Novice or First timer.

The Double Upper (or Double Stack). Consisting of One Plate partner and Two additional Male partners with at least 3 balls total, amongst 2 separate scrotums or ball sacks. (normally 4).

The Trio (or triple stack). The True Pancakeing Pancake. Consists of One "Plate" partner and the Addition of 3 Male Partners totaling an average of 6 balls stacked regularly. Exception: With at least 3 balls total amongst three (3 separate scrotums or ball sacks). this would be uncommon to the normal pancaking, but acceptable. as most sacks contain 2 balls...This may be referred to as the Triple Single. More of a found fetish version of "Pancakeing"
by Skinsect November 25, 2011
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