To usurp all authority or power in a situation; to control through manipulation; to punish.

Derived from the Star Wars villian.
Chris: "Yo, your girl was totally out of control at the club last night"

Marty: "Yeah, I palpatined that as soon as we got back to my place. It won't happen again."

Chris: "Word."
by CorporateBaller August 25, 2009
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The single most powerful and adept force wielder of all time. Also known as Darth Sidious. As Emperor Palpatine, he ruled the Galaxy with an iron fist and murdered countless hundreds of Jedi. His complete and masterful repertoire of abilities includes every force power to date, plus extreme intellectual and tactical talent. Was the ONLY Sith to ever achieve total control of devastating space/time vortexes known as Force Storms. Darth Sidious was the last and final Sith Master, and was considered by many to be the Dark Side of the Force incarnate.
Palpatine is the single most malevolent and successful villain throughout all of fiction.
by Exor January 11, 2005
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For some reason people misunderstand this character. He did not begin as a righteous senator, he was merely acting the part so that he could create an image that he could use to his benefit to gain real power. This misinterpretation of his intentions goes to show just what a great manipulator of people he is.

In reality, he is easily one of, if not THE greatest villain ever created. This sith lord knows what true power is. Along with being able to wield a lightsaber and using the awesome force storm ability(shooting lightning from his hands), he gained power through the use of politics and manipulation. He did not only improve his abilities, he also chose to gain powerful allies to use as he pleased. With this idea in mind he gained the support of the Galactic Senate and gained the (fairly) loyal service of another of the greatest villains(Darth Vader). Through these actions he created a barrier around him that was nearly impenetrable and he was able to single handedly rule the galaxy, wipe out nearly all of the jedi, and basically just impose his will upon the entire galaxy.
Normal villains such as Venom(Spider-man), the Terminator(The Terminator), Magneto(X-men), the Joker(Batman) and even Darth Vader are all a terror to those who fight for truth and justice, but none of them could outlaw truth and justice nor could they deceive the universe into thinking that they are fighting for truth and justice.
by therob June 9, 2005
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The character in any film who's clearly evil to any member of the audience, but who won't be recognized as such by the characters until it's far too late. A character may also "Palpatine" as a verb; this used to describe when the character reveals his evil nature.
The police chief in that flick was a total Palpatine. Why did no one ever realize he was evil?
by Wreck the Check August 1, 2006
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A Verb, meaning "to manipulate events totally and subtly, controlling both sides of an interaction to achieve one's own end."

Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars orchestrated the Clone Wars, the downfall of the Galactic Republic, Jedi Order, and Separatist Movement, and commanded complete control over the Galactic Empire and the Dark Side of the Force. He was the ultimate double agent, parading among his powerful enemies without suspicion. He appeared the benevolent elected leader while masterfully plotting the demise of everything god. Thus "to palpatine" means that one controls a situation completely and can bring about whatever results he desires without anyone being aware.
It can applied to trivial situations as well.
Fred: "Dude, did you hear Jeff and Andrea broke up?"
Winston: "Yeah, that was all Clara's doing. She manipulated their emotions and aggravated the conflict so that she could get with Jeff."
Fred: "She totally palpatined them!!"
by Astrapto August 29, 2009
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Someone George W. Bush looks up to. Someone who Bush has tried to model his regime after.
George W. Bush's hero is Palpatine.
by jesster79 February 19, 2006
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