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Slang for a big-breasted woman. Based on the stereotype that females from Greater Pakistan have large mammaries, which are popularly known as 'Multani Melons', 'Tandoori Tits' & 'Harami Hooters'.

That women of Punjabi, Afghani, Kashmiri, Indus Valley, Sindhi, Indian Muslim & Bengali descent have large 'milk tankers' is a widely disseminated belief, along with the equally formidable reputation that our ladies have for the size of their backsides.

These perceptions have been a major factor in the success of Pakistani & Indian Muslim actresses like Babra Sharif, Reema Khan, Atiqa Odho, Saima Khan, Saima Noor, Noorjehan Wasal, Taslima Sheikh, Sofia Hayat, Khushboo Khan, Shakeela Khatoon, Tabu Hashmi, Reshma Bano & Veena Malik. The reason for this pleasing anatomical feature of South Asian Muslim women is popularly attributed to their copious consumption of dairy products (esp. lassi, milk & cheese), sweets (esp. laddoos & gulab jamuns) & food larded with oil (incl. dalda & desi ghee).
1) Sheikh Chilli: Lollywood's Reema Khan is a hot Pakistaner because of her Funjabi funbags!

2) Bade Mian: Khushboo Khan is my favourite Pakistaner!
Chote Mian: Shakeela Khatoon is mine!

3) "Pakistaner. noun. a big-breasted girl. South Africa, 2003. Teen Slang. - Sunday Times (South Africa) 1st June 2003." - 'Sex Slang' Tom Dalzell, Terry Victor. NY: Routledge, 2007, p 129.

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5) Jerry: Dolly Parton's honkers are so big, she's a Pakistaner!
Larry: Yeah, if she had black hair, you'd think she was a Paki!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 23, 2012
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