Derogatory term used for Canadian Sikhs

Stems from the Punjabi word - Paaji
Pajeet, don't bomb that place
by Justin Carpenter11 June 22, 2023
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Pajeet is a racist slur created by supremacists in Canada to mock Sikhs who often have names ending with "jeet" (eg: manjeet, diljeet, sanjeet, etc )
Paaji + generic Punjabi Sikh name (sanjeet,manjeet etc)= pajeet
by David2424 July 15, 2022
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Pajeet is a derogatory term to address North Indians who claim Aryan ancestors (Such as Brahmins) despite being street shitters and cow dung drinkers.
Pajeet wuzz aryan white girl, Saar.
by Modi lundit April 17, 2023
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Racist slur used to reffer to indian people, sometimes also used to reffer to people from any other southeast asian country. It comes from the fact that there are many indian names that end with "jeet", such as Sanjeet.
That guy is brown and likes to eat curry. He certainly is a pajeet
by farofilson May 31, 2023
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Used by angry white incels when an Indian nails a white woman.

Used both as a Verb and a Noun
Hey, chad did you hear that karen was pajeeted.

Stacy got nailed by a pajeet
by Aakash773 July 21, 2022
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Pajeet is a racial slur used against Hindus. It was consider that word in racial against a Indian but we have seen Muslims calling Pajeet to Hindus. Its basically like N word for Hindus.
Pajeet is a anti-hindu word
by Pro.Netron💥 June 8, 2023
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A type of soap you can use in any tropical country to only shower once a week. This kind of soap can also be used to avoid washing hands before cooking biryani.
This here pajeet soap makes you immune to salmonela
by plain2 December 19, 2022
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