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A: When a person, normally lazy, edits a picture with Paint, and it ends up being a piece of crap (Normally on Purpose) to be funny.

Most people who do this are either:
A: Lazy
B: Too lazy to download it for free
C: Too honest of a person to download it for free, thus becoming a Chump, or Sucker.

B: Can be used to describe a piss-poor job on something.
Example A:
Dude 1: Hey dudes, check out this sweet Paintshop I made of Lauren!

Dude 2: Wow. That's the worst edit job I've ever done. It's clear that you just copied her face from her Facebook and pasted it over a picture of Joey's body that he took last Summer.

Dude 1: Yeah! Isn't it great?!

Example B:
Dude: There mom, I finished picking up all the sticks in the yard.
Mom: Well, it's "Good Enough for Paintshop", so you can go ahead and go ahead on to Ben's house.
by Matty? April 26, 2009
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