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The rifle that the American army adopted in 1936. It was chambered in .30-06 (which is equivalent to 7.62). It was a clip fed rifle, each clip had 8 bullets and it had a distinctive sound when ammo ran out making a "pling". It was air cooled, shoulder fired like any other rifle at the time, and it had a semi automatic capability (it was possible to make it automatic, from Band of Brothers (book) ). It saw action in World War II and Korea until it was replaced by the M14, which is a Garand with a magazine.
When the U.S. joined the war the many looked at the M1 in awe.

Kraut:Damn the M1 pwns, I want one omg.

Johnny unloaded his M1 on the Japanese making the "pling".
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A kick ass quality rifle chambered in 5.56x45 Nato rounds, same rounds used in the M16A2 (which is more accurate and has better control)and the M249 (inaccurate compared to the M16 and M4A1 but accurate enough for covering fire). But although to due the slight disadvantages from the M16 it has auto fire feature, it is ultra-upgradeable and its compact, and the model of the weapon is just superb.
Although the M16 and the M249 are good weapons, the M4A1 pwns.

I'd take a M4A1 any day

But one day they are doomed to be replaced for the OICW.
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A sport in which two teams compete for two main objetives, the hanging of the flag or the elimination of the opposing team.
Airsoft and Paintball are just fine, dont get pissed off just because some guy said that pball / airsfot is gay, who cares anyway.

And for the army people, some of the people are not old enough to join in the military, but when age reaches they will have too. It is mandatory, and if they dont, they will be recognized as pussies so it does not matter anyway.
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Military attack by the Japanese sinking most the U.S. naval fleet killing many and granting a two way ticket for the Americans.
Yes, yes the U.S. "mysteriously" withdrew their Aircraft Cariers for "maneuvers" a day before the attack.
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A "rifle" more like a mini battle station that sports an assault rifle chambered in 5.56 x 45 NATO and a 40mm grenade launcher that fires a straight going grenade as opposed to a conventional grenade launcher. It is basically a small rocket launcher mounted on to your rifle that is programmed to explode where you want it to explode. The scope contains computers that help indicate distance, altitude, longitude, etc. it also sports a night vision making it an effective tool for night combat.

Whereas the only disadvantage of the OICW is its cubersome size, limiting the soldiers mobility.

But the future will probably solve this problem.
The OICW if successfully put into combat will be the revolutionary tool in the battlefield.
Now tanks and aircraft are potentially threatened by one man.

In other words: The OICW makes you into a one man army.
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A kickass movie starring Uma Thurman as The Bride. The movie consists of The Bride coming back from a coma. The Bride is bent on revenge on the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad. Great piece of work by QT.
The Bride learned kenjitsu and iaijitsu skills to take on The Deadly Viper Assasination Squad
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Rocket Propelled Grenade. It can effectively destroy any light to medium (maybe) armored vehicles. It is used by many countries that bought the blue prints from the soviets during the cold war, same story as the AK47.
Many RPGs are still in use by African and Muslim countries to this day.

It was the weapon that downed the Black Hawks in the Somalian incident during Clinton's mandate.
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