a mixed drink that contains Jack Daniels, Beer, Lemonade, and Jose Cuervo Black.
Taylor: "Toby make some type of drink/"
Toby: "Ok."
Perry: "What the hell is that?"
Toby: "A random mixed drink."
Perry: "Looks like damn paint thinner!"
Taylor: "Tastes great!!!"
by BruceDaJuice February 13, 2008
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Really cheap hootch usually sold in enormous glass or plastic jugs. Because of it's high alcohol content and bad taste it could be compared to paint thinner.
Damn, I only have 10 bucks. It'll be enough for some paint thinner though.
by Phil November 5, 2006
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fuck bleach, all my homies drink paint thinner
Average bleach fan: "Eyo bro you drink bleach?"
Paint thinner enjoyer: "Fuck bleach, all my homies drink paint thinner"
Average bleach fan: *big sad*
by Paintthinnerenjoyer52 August 30, 2022
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