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The act of using a hollow book with a hole in the spine to give a descrete hand job.
typically for use in a library or other places with a high density of books
Guy 1: Yo dude, Sarah gave me a page turner in the mobile library yesterday.

Guy 2: Oh really? Was it good?

Guy 1: Yeah I came all over Michael Mopurgo
by IsItDan July 31, 2015
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A boring piece of literature that you casually flip through.
Student One "That textbook was a real page turner, man..."
Student Two "Oh snap! We's got a test on that tomorrow!"
Student One "Oh noes!!"
by Justin E. White November 05, 2007
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An action preformed while fucking doggy style.
While pumping the girls ass, the guy licks his thumb as if to turn the page of a novel but instead inserts it in the girls ass.
"Dude last night i was totally doing Travis's mom from behind and i gave her the old page turner."
by C Klarke April 28, 2010
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Male masturbatory technique involving a reversed left-hand grip made necessary when using the right hand to turn the page of nudie magazine.
I wanted to bust a nut before the end of her pictorial, so I used the ol' page-turner.
by Mountin' Merl March 03, 2007
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A vagina that maintains a level of moistness that is ideal for wetting your finger in order to turn the page of a book.
1. If you're reading in bed just fondle her pageturner if you're having trouble turning pages.

2. She's always ready for action because she has a nice pageturner.
by Carniverous January 09, 2012
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