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A store that is SUPPOSEDLY said to be in the realms of the Hollister Co. target - yet it is not. Officially called Pacific Sunwear, this HUGE chain sells clothes from many punk//skaterchic//mosher//surfer brands including Roxy, Billabong, Bullhead, 44mm, Fox, Kirra, etc. They do have AMAZING buffalo plaid flannels, I must say. Bullhead is a brand sold there with AMAZING super-skinny jeans!
Ava: hey don't u like my awesome neon Bullhead solana superskinny jeans from PacSun?
Zoe: hell yeahh.
Ava: thanks, i'm trying to imitate the punk/skaterchic/mosher/surfer SoCal lifestyle . . .
Zoe: WELL, good luck!
* air-kisses the audience & exit from SR *
by meladecadence November 01, 2009
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a person, typically a teenager, that spends his LIFE at the mall with friends//boyfriend//girlfriend. it is easy to spot them, some are punks, some are preppy Hollister Monsters, and some are cheap Aeropostale loserrs. they also b e l i e v e that being a mall rat will assist them on the quest of finding the man//woman of their DREAMS. a mall rat is also a GREAT idea to be for Halloween ! ! (:
Brittany: EHMAGODD! Hollister just released their new ad campaign @ the SoHo flagship! on Facebook they said that their hot new Shell Beach models will be there ! !

Cora: are you fuckin serious? I'M THERE!

Liana: mmkay, so we'll stay @ the mall from 3 to 10 tonight, right?

Brittany: yeahh whatever. isn't that we always do, dumbass?

ALL: MAN i am LOOOOVING the mall rat life! * whistle *
by meladecadence October 31, 2009
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