Also known as "PacSun", it is a clothing store that can be found in many malls. The clothing is fashionable and of high quality, though most of it is rather expensive (but no where near the amount of dough stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch or Tommy Hilfiger expect you to shell out). The store itself is normally associated with the "Punk" subculture, but you can normally see all different types of people shopping in it.
Student: "Oh, wow! Where did you get that Hurley beanie from?"
Self-proclaimed "punk": "I bought it at PacSun."
by JR December 29, 2005
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The shittiest store ever created. everything has a million logos and garish colors on it. It's really expensive, too. Abercrombie may also be expensive with shitty clothes, but at least they have hott salesguys.
Person: My Pacific Sunwear (PacSun) tee shirt ripped in the wash the first time I washed it. And it cost 50 bucks.

Other Person: Good. If it was from PacSun it must have been ugly.
by PacSuck March 29, 2005
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An awesome store, where you can get any type of clothes from girly to punk. True, it can be expensive but its better quality than most stores,and it has great sales!
girly girl- Ohmigosh i got this totallly cute skirt at Pacific Sunwear!
punky dude- Yeah, I get all my clothes at pac sun.
by torie! March 25, 2005
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fuckin poser store. real skaters/biker/surfers, or whatever dont even shop there. they go to thier local skate/bike shop. thats where poser ass preps shop. that store sucks. and its too expensive.
poser: look at this cool element shirt i got

Me: do you even skate board?

poser: no, why?

Me: fuckin poser.
by MetallilbangeR April 3, 2005
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