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Gods of New Zealand rock music. Formed in New Zealands shithouse capital city Wellingtron in 1989, they took their name from the books of Dune where they discovered the word Jihad (holy war). They went on to miss spell it, probably because they were drinking. Drinking is big and clever. In 2002 they were forced by the events of 911 to change their name to 'Pacifier' because crap Americans took offence to Shihad sounding like Jihad, where they should have perhaps have just taken a get hard pill. In late 2004 after their worst album and two years of torture, they changed ther name back. We love them now more than ever. Some of their best works include Screwtop, You Again, Bitter, Deb's Night Out, Home Again (widely regarded as their best song), Lala Land, Missionary, Interconnector, The General Electric, My Mind Sedate, Pacifier, Life in Cars, Sport & Religion, Comfort me, Bullitproof, and their brand new single Alive.
I hope I never see you again
I hope I never touch you again
Sometimes I wonder, what's fucked in my heart
Won't let your fingers tear us apart

It's all so simple, it's all over again
A lack of talent is caving you in
Sometimes I wonder what's fucked in your heart
We're losing grip now, now we're falling apart

The speaker speaks but the words sound haunted
So much it's falling out of your hands
Could you ever tell?

And it's there for me, there to see
And it's in full view
Why did I waste my time on you?
by JetSpin January 03, 2005
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1. A New Zealand orignated rock band that changed their name to 'Pacifier' post-9/11 because 'Shihad' sound a bit like 'Jihad' and apparently some people are very sensitive about that.

2. Like a Jihad, but with more women involved
Well-known songs by Shihad include "My mind's sedate", "The General Electric" and "Wait & See"
by Peezee-Ark October 05, 2003
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