Are you going to the Pachanga ? Simon guey hay te veo.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
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1. Someone who used to be your friend and no longer is.

2. A traitor.

Comes from the name of Luis Guzman's character in Carlitos Way. Also a song by Fabolous describing this situation.
A thug changes, and loves changes, and best friends become strangers, Pachangas
by scarlitos August 12, 2009
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a Spanish slang work meaning to party hard, normally with many people; to rage
I'm ready to get fucked up!! Let's PACHANGAAA!!
by fsuchick August 6, 2010
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Is a big wet soppy whales vagina in heat. It can also be used in general context whilst speaking to co-workers at the Good Thyme.
Jen chen - you move the pachanga with Rythmic Nuances.

Just do it hewitt- hey you dirty pachanga get your ass in gear or I'll never rub my titties in your pretty little face again.
by myclitsonfire. August 9, 2009
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Man dat girl got some good pachanga. I hit dat a week ago but now I have this itch.
by Chris T-1989 March 21, 2007
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The back of the knee; could be used for any meaning dependent on the situation.
by Tinkle Sticky Buns March 10, 2010
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