A very, very minor or "baby" problem that usually takes more time to discuss than solve. It is usually over-stated in an annoying way.
Boss: "You are behind on your sales numbers for the month by 2.5639%. What are you gonna do to make it up!?"

Employee: "Dude, I'm gonna burp ya - cuz that is not a real problem, it's a "PABLUM".... and pablum is for babies...".
by JS Campbell February 15, 2008
Making something that could be cutting edge policy but having to remove great words and context that would prove to be too complex for most people......
This comes from the key fact that most newspapers write for a literacy level equal to a grade nine student.
We stayed late pablumizing section so that more people could read and MAYBE understand it. Don't know why we have to cater to the stupid people when they would rather just play videogames.
by Lokisdictionary February 4, 2010
Observations of a world gone wrong and where the humorless are banned.
Did the boss leave yet? I need some The Pablum Post time with my computer.

For folks that enjoy butts, balls, booze, boys, and things that go BOOM!
by Your Names Here January 24, 2012
Carol couldn't wait to get home and rip off her work clothing and jump into her pablum gear.
by Worth November 29, 2007