Paavo is a person with finish origin, usually a bit geeky but particularly cute at the same time. He can set up servers very well. Often loves metal music and smart girls. All in all he is adorable!
Paavo helped me fix my netbook and I fell in love with him.
by August 09, 2011
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gayest cunt out, always dogs the boys. Says he will fund the boys trip ($50,000 trip) the bitches it. Not to mention wannabe hypebeast like the big @oscarboyko and lets not forget how fat he is the anorexic dog.
by slutaidsmcbag September 26, 2018
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a finnish adjective, used to describe annoy people, who are often very ugly and dumb.
That guy is such a paavo.
I know, he should do something about that...
by KingDavyd May 06, 2011
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A 20 year old man who thinks he is 36 and in the witness protection because he is divorced and has 2 kids and he doesn't wanna pay child support. He also has his penis pierced 8 times, a 300mph crotch rocket and has been smoking since he was 5.
You: Hey Shaun you gotta square I've need one for like 2 hours.
Shaun: Yea me too, I've needed one for 28 years.
by Jason Smith April 03, 2005
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Best finnish ETplayer ever. Paavo always win.
Rumours are saying he won 53 maps versus Nuestra
Paavo is ET god, Paavo is life.
by Nirvje January 07, 2017
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A man usually has a flat butt like it goes straight down not a very good fisherman and thinks he can fix anything
Me:Have you seen Steven paavo butts
Jenny:what butt
by Bootygone July 12, 2018
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