3 definitions by Nirvje

Best finnish ETplayer ever. Paavo always win.
Rumours are saying he won 53 maps versus Nuestra
Paavo is ET god, Paavo is life.
by Nirvje January 07, 2017
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One of the best french player from Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.
He's also called the almighty French phoque.
His favourite class is medic.
He's the master of pushing and proning.
He likes to troll and swear in finnish from time to time.
The legends are saying that his mustache is still uncut since 2006.
Daaaamn, Nirv is connecting ! Prepare to get nirv3d
by Nirvje January 05, 2017
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A known german player from Enemy Territory, he's also known as the Panzerfaust King.
His lengary sentence is : 'I AM NUESTA, KILL ALL LOVE AIR'
nuestra is a synonym of being the strongest panzerfaust / rock et on wolfenstein.
by Nirvje January 07, 2017
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