Slang for private. Most commonly used on cyber sex websites to say that they would like to go private and cyber sex between one person instead of many.
Man- You're so hot! I want you to finger yourself for me!
Female- First, we must go pvt!
by MJCx3 August 23, 2009
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Acronym for "Penis and Vagina Time." More commonly: sexual intercourse.
Babe, you ready to PVT it up?

I can grab a beer after a 4pm PVT with that girl I met yesterday.
by Boort March 2, 2011
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PVT is the most popular bulgarian gangsta organization. It's the most powerful in the universe. They have secret weapons like atomic bombs and poscupular ultraviolet antihumanoid bombs like puke. Every gangsta member is with code name of animal. Sheep is the badest. He's a litle faggot and is CS n00b. PVT is full with quake 3 ninjas. It's very 1337.
They will destroy the universe and recreate it. PVT will own you.
by Dzhorov November 23, 2007
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The maximum volume level one would use on their computer while enjoying pornography privately
Hey man, I can hear those girls screaming from the other room you need to adjust your Porn Volume Threshold (PVT)
by D4soni March 1, 2011
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The Brand stands for Integrity Safety and Quality. Trusted Brand for passenger and small commercial vehicles.
by CarExperts November 24, 2021
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Ayurvedic pharmaceutical and cosmetic's firm.
Rediscovering The Secrets of Ayurveda
Have you heard about the Ayurvedic Manufacturing company Revinto Life Science Pvt. Ltd. based in Karwar?
by Design Revinto November 25, 2021
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