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Posting under the Influence. Posting on a forum or message board while under the influence of intoxicants. Condition often results in strange and incoherent rants and ramblings peppered with misspelled words.
Don't pay any attention to TH tonight he is hitting the hooch early and he's PUI.
by Siskiyou November 02, 2007
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an insult derived from someones last name because the kid was a complete jackass. created in eastern mass

stupid, ugly, a moron. pretty much anything overtly insulting turned into the ultimate insult

also see jut
shut up puis

hey puisface

by MeGGeRs July 06, 2003
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After attempting to maneuver through a website she gave up and said 'Boy, that site is full of pui, rather than gui.'
by Suprin August 12, 2009
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(The OFFICIAL meaning of P.U.I.) Planning Under the Influence; An intoxicated planning method, by one person or a group of people, that leads to no follow through, or completion of, the planned task.
Since committing her 2nd PUI in one weekend, Joyce has been labeled as the flake in her group of friends.
by Dan K)) March 18, 2008
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Never leave Sierra alone with her phone after a night out boozing; she will go through her phone list and PUI everybody on it!
by SierraIdol July 18, 2009
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Plowing under the influence. The process of getting completely intoxicated and having violent intercourse with a female companion.
"Hey man! I heard you got a D.U.I. last night! You okay mang?"
"Nah mang! A P.U.I.! The thing with Veronica's pussy! Plowed that shiyit. Not with dem paper tickets son!"
by GaryJohnson May 16, 2012
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