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'Posting to see replies', an acronym created by WoW EU Forum users. Seeing as Blizzard manage to get few things right, it only fits that their forum should be completely borked aswell, hence the bug where you can't see any replies to a thread unless you post a reply first.

Users would often reply with 'PTSR', just to let people know that they are making a post so they can see replies to that thread.
'PTSR, man...when the fuck are Blizzard going to pull their fingers out their arses and fix this god damn forum?'
by Doomsteak January 02, 2007
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Posting To See Replies
I want to see the replies so I post in a thread; PTSR
by Durak- January 03, 2007
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Acronym for Posting To See Replies. Started by an unknown person on World of Warcraft forum. The forum is bugged in such a way you often have to post something to see other replies in a thread.
You can see before opening a topic that there is i.e. 8 replies in this particular thread, but whe opening and reading, you may only see 3. You then have to post a reply yourself to be able to see the last 5 replies. People then often type only 'PTSR' just to let everyone know that they didn't have anything to add to the discussion, they just wanted to read what others had replied.
by appien January 02, 2007
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