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singapore is my nation,i love singapore espacially when now that national day is coming.I wish my nation a happy birthday.
happy birthday singapore
by agirlinsingapore July 16, 2022
A small and hot place.
feels like home where grades matters,a place where children will stress because of Psle.
singapore is also a jungle
by agirlinsingapore July 23, 2022
Just a govenment exam which affects which secondary school ya will be going to for P6 students(12 years-old).Don't be too stressed or nervious because your marks will be affected too.Basically,just don't be too hard on yourself and do your very best!!!
student:"I am so scared for PSLE!I won't do good!"
me:"Yoo,don't be so not confident,just try your best,your marks is yours."
by agirlinsingapore August 16, 2022
Psle is about a leaving school examination that will post students to the secondary school depends on your level.
Teacher:Students,psle is in 1 week time,did anyone not study yet?
Whole class raises their hands.
Psle is the most streesed thing when you have not turn to a teen.
by agirlinsingapore July 23, 2022
A school that gives you a huge amount of stess,but count as a good school.Many students aims for nan chiau in sengkang like me.Don't think too much cause it is just a aim.
teacher:which school are you planning to go?
teacher:Pei Hwa secondary and Nan Chiau High?
by agirlinsingapore August 16, 2022
Kui hai is a very funny and caring guy,he may not know romance but he is so lovely,also quite a daddy material.
by agirlinsingapore July 23, 2022